a-(an-) G, without anemia, anencephalic delta G, triangle deltoid
ab- L, away from abduct di- G, double, two digastric
acro- G, tip acromion process dis- L, separation dissect
ad- L, toward adduct duco- L, to lead abduct
ambi- L, both ambidextrous ect- G, outside ectoderm
ana- G, apart anatomy -ectomy G, excision hysterectomy
ante- L, before anteversion, antebrachial end- (ent-) G, within endothelium
anti- G, against antiseptic epi- G, upon epicondyle
arthr- (arthro-) G, a joint arthritis ex- (exo-) G&L, out exocrine
auto- G, self autonomic, autonomous extra- L, outward extracellular
bi- L, two, double bilateral fossa L, ditch infraspinous fossa
brachi- G, arm brachial artery gastr- (gastro-) G, belly gastritis, digastric
brachium L, arm antebrachium glenoid G, socket glenoid fossa
brevis L, short peroneus brevis glosso- (gloss) G, tongue styloglossus
capit (caput) L, head semispinalis capitis hyper- G, above, over hypertrophy, hyperextension
cauda L, tail cauda equina hypo- G, under, less hypotension
cervix L, neck cervix of uterus infra- L, below hypotension
chondro- L, cartilage chondrocyte inter- L, between intertubercular
circum- L, around circumflex intr-
L, within intravenous, intrahepatic
condyle G, knuckle humeral condyles linea L, line linea aspera
coracoid G, beak coracoid process lingua- L, tongue lingual artery
corona L, crown coronary ligament meta- G, beyond metatarsal
coronoid L, crows beak coronoid process myo- G, muscle myotome
cornu L, horn greater cornu of hyoid -oid G, appearance glenoid
costa L, rib intercostal omo G, scapula, shoulder omohyoid
crus L, leg crus of penis -otomy G, to open craniotomy
crux L, cross cruciate ligament para- G, beside paravertebral
peri G, around perichondrium super- L, over, superficial
peroneus G, fibula peroneus longus, 
peroneal nerve
supra- L, above supraorbital
post- L, after, behind postnatal sym- (syn-) G, together symphysis, synthesis
pre- L, before preganglionic teres L, round ligamentum teres
ram- L, branch ramus trans- L, across transfusion
re- L, again, back recurrent tome G, cutting anatomy
rect- L, straight rectus femoris tuber L, swelling tubercle
ren L, kidney renal ultra- L, beyond ultrastructure
retro- L, back retroperitoneal vagina L, sheath, sleeve vaginal process
sect- L, to cut dissect vas L, duct, vessel vas deferens
serra L, saw-like serratus anterior vent- (ventr-) L, belly ventral
splenius G, bandage splenius capitis versio L, a turning anteversion
sub- L, under subdural

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