For most students of anatomy, this will be your first exposure to the terminology used by Anatomists. Part of learning anatomy is memorizing many structures and, sometimes, their actions. Anatomists have defined certain aspects of the human body and if we all learn them, it will be easier to understand what each of us is saying.

What I have done here is to define the Anatomical Position and the Anatomical Planes.
After learning what the Anatomical Planes are, I have then listed how these are used in describing positions of structures and movement of structures as they relate to the Anatomical Planes.

Finally I have provided a table for reference only (don't try to memorize it). This table lists the derivatives of many of the anatomical terms. Sometimes it helps our memory if we know how anatomical terms were derived. So use this table if you think it will help in your memorizing excersizes.

Anatomical Position

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