Cubital Fossa

The cubital fossa is the region of the upper limb in front of the elbow joint. It is a triangular area with the following boundaries:

This circumscribed region contains the median cubital vein, brachial artery and median nerve. Their relationships with each other is important clinically since the median cubital vein is most often used for intravenous injections. Missed injections could be dangerous to the underlying structures.

We will take a look at this region from superficial to deep.

Cubital Fossa

venous layer
  • 1 cephalic vein
  • 2 basilic vein
  • 3 median cubital vein
veins of cubital fossa aponeurotic layer
  • 1 bicipital aponeurosis
  • 2 biceps tendon
bicipital aponeurosis artery-nerve layer
  • 1 brachial artery
  • 2 median nerve
brachial a. and median n.
muscular floor
  • 1 supinator
  • 2 brachialis
  • 3 biceps tendon
muscles of floor bony floor
  • 1 humerus
  • 2 radius
  • 3 ulna
bones of cubital fossa

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