Muscle Details

Muscle Origin Insertion Nerve supply Action
pectoralis major medial half of clavicle
costal cartilages
aponeurosis of external oblique
lateral lip of intertubercular sulcus medial and lateral
pectoral nerves
flexes, adducts,
and rotates arm medially
pectoralis minor anterior surface of
2nd thru 5th ribs
coracoid process of
medial pectoral nerve

protracts scapula
pulls it forward
onto the thorax
elevates ribs
when scapula
is held steady


subclavius costal cartilage
of first rib
lower surface of clavicle nerve to subsclavius depresses lateral end of clavicle
pulls clavicular head into
sternoclavicular joint
serratus anterior lateral surface of
1st to 8th or 9th ribs
vertebral (medial)
border of scapula
long thoracic protract scapula
pulls it forward
rotates scapula laterally
teres minor axillary (lateral)
border of scapula
inferior aspect
greater tubercle
of humerus
axillary rotates arm laterally
teres major posterior aspect
inferior angle of scapula
crest of lesser tubercle
of humerus
lower subscapular adducts and
rotates arm medially
latissimus dorsi spinous processes
lower 6 vertebra
thoracolumbar fascia
iliac crest
floor of intertubercular
thoracodorsal adducts, extends
medially rotates humerus

Arteries and Veins

    Axillary artery
    1. supreme thoracic
    2. thoracoacromial
    3. lateral thoracic
    4. subscapular
    5. thoracodorsal
      1. scapular circumflex
    6. anterior humeral circumflex
    7. posterior humeral circumflex

    Axillary vein

    Lymph Nodes
    1. pectoral (anterior)
    2. lateral
    3. posterior
    4. central
    5. apical

    Axillary Lymph Nodes Bones of Arm & Forearm

    Table of Contents for Upper Limb & Back