The Celiac Trunk

The abdominal viscera and associated organs are supplied by three branches of the abdominal aorta. These are unpaired branches that, for the most part, arise from the anterior part of the aorta. The first of these branches is the celiac trunk (or artery).

There are usually three primary branches of the celiac trunk:
  1. left gastric
  2. splenic
  3. common hepatic
    Left Gastric
  • esophageal branches
  • branches to the left part of the lesser curvature of the stomach
  • pancreatic branches
  • short gastric
  • left gastroepiploic
  • splenic branches
    Common Hepatic
  • gastroduodenal
    • superior pancreatic duodenal
    • right gastroepiploic
  • proper hepatic
    • left hepatic
    • right hepatic
      • cystic
Spleen   Superior & Inferior Mesenteric Arteries


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