These Web Pages are dedicated to all the students with whom I had the good fortune of teaching at Georgetown University. They are meant to be studied by the person who is just interested in learning a little about human anatomy, as a review of previous anatomy courses or for anyone else who might find the lessons helpful.

Because of the arrangement of diagrams in the lessons, smaller monitors may require that you scroll left or right to see the entire screen. I apologize for this inconvenience but felt it to be necessary to have the diagrams situated the way they are.

Study plan

I will approach this study of human anatomy by regions as shown below:

terminology Terminology
upper limb Upper limb & Back
head & neck for IE5 Head and Neck
thorax Thorax
abdomen-pelvis Abdomen
pelvis-perineum Pelvis and Perineum
lower limb Lower Limb
practice examinations Practice Examinations
Examination Key

This is commonly called a regional approach to the study of anatomy. Another approach would be the systemic approach, which takes a look at each system separately (vascular, respiratory, etc.) Each lesson will point out various structures found in the particular region being examined and then followed by a review of what has been covered. Within each region, the following items will be pointed out:

bones and joints
blood vessels and lymphatics

When we study the THORACIC, ABDOMINAL, and PELVIC cavities, the above list will also include the various organs.

Some images are adapted from "A New System of Anatomy, Sir Solly Zuckerman, Oxford Press, 1961".

Some images are adapted from "Photographic Atlas of the Human Body", Vidic, Branislav, and Suarez, Faustino. R, The C. V. Mosby Company, 1984".

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